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Solid and Hazardous Waste Transporters

Transporters of all solid and hazardous waste in, through or out of the state of Delaware are required to first obtain a transportation permit.

In Delaware, the Department’s Solid and Hazardous Waste Management Section issues permits to transport solid waste and hazardous waste, but it does not provide trash or waste collection services. Trash collection is either provided by the local government or individuals can hire a private waste hauler. Delawareans also have the option to self haul by taking their household trash to a landfill, transfer station transfer station or collection station collection station. Hazardous waste must be transported by a Delaware permitted hazardous waste transporter.

More Information

Department: DNREC

Division: Waste and Hazardous Substances

Office: Compliance and Permitting Section


Up to 5 years



Application Forms

Solid Waste Transporter Permit Application

Hazardous Waste Transporter Permit Application

Applicable Rules and Regulations


Contact the Compliance and Permitting Section at 302-739-9403


NOTICE:  Provided within are links to information regarding the solid waste management program, most specifically, that related to the transportation of solid waste and Delaware permitting requirements for solid waste transportation activities. While solid waste transportation permitting is one facet of the solid waste management program, this website is not meant to address the multitude of solid waste programs and related requirements with which you might be required to comply. Solid waste activities not addressed here include, but are not limited to landfill permitting, transfer station permitting, resource recovery facility permitting, recycling and composting approvals, scrap tire management, infectious (medical) waste notification, generation, management and permitting requirements, and the implementation of Universal Recycling. While the links provide information related to applicable solid waste laws and regulations, you are also encouraged to contact the Solid and Hazardous Waste Management Section by calling 302.739.9403 to learn of the regulatory and permitting requirements beyond those of solid waste transportation. Hazardous Waste Transporter.


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