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Index of State of Delaware Business Licenses and Registrations

Nonalcoholic Beverage Manufacture

For manufacturers and bottlers of non-alcoholic beverages for sale

No person shall manufacture for sale in bottles or jugs any soft drink or other nonalcoholic beverage (except apple cider) within this State without having first applied for and having received a license from the Department of Health and Social Services. Milk production is a separate license.

More Information

Please contact our office for more information on Non-Alcholic Beverage Manufacturing.

Department: Health and Social Services

Division: Public Health

Office: Community Environmental Health Services


The license for bottlers of Soft Drinks and Non Alcoholic Beverages shall be for the fiscal year ending June 30, unless sooner revoked, as provided in this chapter, and shall be renewed annually thereafter.


The required fee for out of state bottlers is $57.50, and $25.00 for in-state bottlers.

Application Form

Renewal Form

Licensure renewal forms are sent to the facilities annually, prior to the expiration of the current license. Please contact our office with any questions or to obtain a renewal form.

Applicable Laws

Applicable Rules and Regulations


Ralph Matthews can be contacted by email at and by phone at 302-744-4831.


This search covers most of the frequently requested licenses, certifications, registrations, and filings that the State of Delaware requires. However, this is not a fully exhaustive list of every possible requirement. Please consult with the appropriate state agencies to find out if there are additional requirements you must fulfill.

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