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Index of State of Delaware Business Licenses and Registrations

Why Delaware?

Business-Friendly, Great Location, Low Costs, High Quality

CNBC’s Top States for Business survey consistently ranks Delaware as the most business-friendly state in America. Delaware is the best place for companies from around the world to make an American home. Business leaders can expect personalized attention—and very little red tape.

The Small State that Gets Things Done

Delaware is one of the smallest states in the U.S., so we can get the right people in the room and make the right connections to move your business forward. Our streamlined processes and clear expectations make it easy to get up and running quickly.

Convenient Location

  • Heart of the East Coast: Halfway between the nation’s business capital, New York City and the political capital, Washington D.C. Less than two hours by train or an easy drive on I-95.
  • Access to Markets: More than 123 million consumers within a 500-mile radius. That’s 40% of the U.S. population within a few hours’ drive.
  • Transportation Hub: Less than 30 minutes from Philadelphia International Airport, and easy access to airports in Newark, Baltimore, N.Y. and D.C. Convenient passenger and industrial rail. Major deep water marine terminal and the top North American port for perishable cargo.

Business Friendly

  • Proven Track Record: More than one million companies, including 63% of the Fortune 500®, are incorporated in Delaware.
  • Business Minded: Responsive, accessible and transparent government officials.
  • Setting the Standard: Delaware corporate law is recognized as the most advanced business statute in the U.S., effectively serving as the national corporate law. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce rates Delaware courts Number One.
  • Innovative & Global: According to the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation’s 2012 State New Economy Index, Delaware ranks second overall.

Low Cost of Doing Business

High Caliber Workforce

Reasonable Taxes

Delaware has no sales tax, no VAT, and no state real property taxes. The local real property taxes are very low.

Read more about Delaware’s advantageous tax structure here.

Superior Quality of Life

Delaware is an amazing place to visit, live and work. Your employees will enjoy all of the benefits of big city life, combined with clean air, easy commutes and peaceful living.

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How Can We Help You?

  • Delaware Strategic Fund: Delaware can provide custom financial assistance in the form of low-interest loans, grants, and other creative instruments.
  • Location Services: We provide a full line of services to help you identify commercial property, allowing you to meet unique requirements and execute your plans quickly, easily, and cost-effectively.
  • Workplace Development Center: The State of Delaware can assist you in recruiting a quality workforce. We can help companies identify training resources; you may be eligible for a Customized Training Grant.
  • Compliance Services: We can introduce you to professionals and work with local officials to help you understand your compliance requirements, including obtaining necessary licenses and permits.
  • Connections: Our government and community are ready to help you meet the people you need to move forward.

Ready to Get Started?

Contact the Delaware Division of Small Business

Contact Export Delaware

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