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Index of State of Delaware Business Licenses and Registrations

River Pilot

The Board of Pilot Commissioners issues licenses to river pilots in six classes (first class through sixth class) and apprentices.

The primary objective of the Delaware Board of Pilot Commissioners is to protect the public from unsafe practices. The Board must also maintain standards of professional competence and service delivery. To meet these objectives, the Board •maintains standards of pilot competency and standards in delivery of services •formulates rules and regulations •adjudicates complaints against professionals and, when necessary, imposes disciplinary sanctions. Note: If you are seeking information on Chartered Boat, Head Boat, or Fishing Licensing, please visit: If you are seeking information on Recreational Boating, please visit:

More Information

Department: State

Division: Professional Regulation

Office: Board of Pilot Commissioners


All Pilot licenses expire on 11/30 of each year.


Licensing fee for River Pilots (All Classes) is aproximately $125. You are notified of the amount of the renewal fee at the time of renewal.

Application Form

The Board of Pilot Commissioners will advertise openings and accept applications for apprentice Pilots according to the needs of commerce and interests of public safety. Apprenticeship openings will be advertised in two newspapers of general circulation for at least one week. There will be a deadline for submitting applications. The required forms will be made available on the DPR web site only when openings are advertised and the Board is accepting applications. See

Renewal Form

Applicable Laws

Applicable Rules and Regulations


Customer Service can be contacted by email at and by phone at 302-744-4500.

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This search covers most of the frequently requested licenses, certifications, registrations, and filings that the State of Delaware requires. However, this is not a fully exhaustive list of every possible requirement. Please consult with the appropriate state agencies to find out if there are additional requirements you must fulfill.

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