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Index of State of Delaware Business Licenses and Registrations

General Business License

All businesses operating in Delaware need a business license from Division of Revenue.

All businesses operating in Delaware need a business license from Division of Revenue. No person shall engage in or carry on any trade or business for which a license is required without first having obtained a license therefor from the Department of Finance and paid therefor the fee or tax prescribed. For Internet-Based Businesses, please visit: The General Business License from the Department of Finance asks you to define your business activity in one of their recognized categories. These categories have different tax obligations. For a list of categories and accompanying tax rates, please see:

Getting your Division of Revenue general business license is the 2nd part of the licensing process; the 1st part is choosing your business legal structure and your business name. Please visit the “Get Your License” page for the 5-part licensing checklist. In case you missed it, check out the other content on Business First Steps, including the “Steps to Opening a Business” informational pages: Harness your Great Idea, Write your Business Plan, Get your License, and Open your Business.

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Department: Finance

Division: Revenue


All licenses issued under this title shall be for a term of 1 year, expiring on December 31, or on the date prescribed pursuant to the provision of the Delaware Code under which it was issued. Lost or stolen license certificates may be replaced for their unexpired terms upon payment of a $15 fee to the Department of Finance. Optional 3-year renewal. Persons licensed under this section may, but are not required to, renew their licenses for a term of 3 years upon payment of a license fee equal to 3 times the fee in effect for said license at the time of renewal. Holders of 3-year licenses which add locations or units separately licensable under this section shall pro-rate the license fee for additional units or locations to the expiration date of their current licenses. Persons electing an optional 3-year renewal must elect such option for all units and locations of each licensable activity.


Fees for a general business license are dependent on the type of business and category. These fees are set by statute (found here:

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Business Licensing Dept. can be contacted by email at and by phone at 302-577-8778.

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This search covers most of the frequently requested licenses, certifications, registrations, and filings that the State of Delaware requires. However, this is not a fully exhaustive list of every possible requirement. Please consult with the appropriate state agencies to find out if there are additional requirements you must fulfill.

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