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Commercial Fertilizers and Soil Conditioners

Product Registration

The DDA Agricultural Compliance Section registers certain agricultural products that are sold or distributed in Delaware; collects samples from the marketplace for lab analysis; and issues violations and withdraws from distribution non-registered products, mislabeled products, and nutrient-deficient products. The section also tests poultry manures, fertilizers, feeds, and pet foods for nutrient content and contaminants.

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Department: Agriculture

Division: Agriculture Compliance


Product registrations are good for one year. The Delaware Fertilizer and Soil Conditioner Law requires a semi-annual tonnage report to be filed for periods ending June 30 or December 31, to be filed within thirty (30) days following the end of the reporting period. If the report is not made within thirty (30) days, a surcharge amounting to ten (10) percent (Minimum $10.00) per month shall be assessed against the registrant and the Department of Agriculture shall have a lien against the registrant for the amount owed, including the surcharge.


For fertilizer the fee is $28.75 for products under 10 lbs and $1.15 for products over 10 lbs with a 10 cents per ton sold fee.

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