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Index of State of Delaware Business Licenses and Registrations

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Shellfish Dealer

Certification as a Shellfish Dealer Certification as a shellfish dealer is required to conduct processing of bivalve Certification by the Department of Natural Resources & Environmental Control (DNREC) as a shellfish dealer/processor is required prior to conducting certain activities included in the definition of a bivalve shellfish handler. Bivalve shellfish include all edible species of […]

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Food: Establishments (restaurant, food truck, bakery, diner, caterer, frozen dessert stand, butcher, food delivery, others)

Includes many types of public eating places. Those interested in creating a new food establishment or expanding an existing establishment are strongly encouraged to call the Office of Food Protection as early as possible, to understand the full process prior to purchasing, constructing, or amending the premises. The Division of Public Health issues permits to […]

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Food: Food Establishment Plumbing Permitting Requirements

All food establishments must follow the plumbing requirements set forth by the Division of Public Health and submit a plan review for approval. The mission of the plumbing program is to carry out and enforce the Delaware plumbing code in conformance with basic plumbing principles and regulatory requirements. The program accomplishes its mission by providing […]

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Food: Temporary Food Establishments

The Office of Food Protection issues permits for temporary food establishments. Temporary permits for operation up to 14 days per year. Applications must be submitted at least 10 days prior to the event. (If you are looking for non-temporary food establishment permits, please see the “Food Establishment”listing). More Information and Department: Health and […]

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Meat, Poultry, and Egg Inspection License

For Producers, Preparers, Transporters, Sellers, and Wholesalers The Delaware Department of Agriculture grants a license to operate an official establishment or others engaged (a) in the business of slaughtering any livestock or poultry, or preparing, freezing, packaging or labeling, buying or selling (as brokers, wholesalers or otherwise), transporting, or storing any livestock products or poultry […]

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Milk: Production, Sale, Transport, and Storage

For milk production, milk sale, milk products, and shipping of raw milk The Office of Food Protection ensures that milk is safe for consumption. This Office ensures that Health Systems Protection is qualified to conduct inspections and sampling on facilities that produce and process milk in Delaware, and to allow the shipment of raw milk […]

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Nonalcoholic Beverage Manufacture

For manufacturers and bottlers of non-alcoholic beverages for sale No person shall manufacture for sale in bottles or jugs any soft drink or other nonalcoholic beverage (except apple cider) within this State without having first applied for and having received a license from the Department of Health and Social Services. Milk production is a separate […]

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