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Manufacture/Sale of Mattresses, Pillows and Bedding

The Bedding Program within Health Systems Protection is responsible for regulatory oversight and permitting of bedding manufacturers, distributors and sterilization plants. Operations that manufacture or distribute new or used mattresses, pillows and bedding within the State of Delaware are required to submit to the permitting process.

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Department: Health and Social Services

Division: Public Health

Office: Community Environmental Health Services


Permits shall remain effective only during a calendar year beginning January 1, and ending December 31, or any remaining portion of a calendar year beginning on the date the permit is issued.


The initial permit fee for manufacturers of bedding products within the State or manufacturers of such products who ship said products into this State shall be $50.00. The fee for renewal of a permit shall be $50.00.

Application Form (new) or (used/sanitized)

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Applicable Rules and Regulations


Dana LeCompte can be contacted by email at and by phone at 302-744-1220.

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