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Liquor License: Group Gathering

For Non-Profit groups intending to sell alcohol at a time-limited event

License issued to a not-for-profit group who wish to sell alcohol to a gathering of persons for one day.

More Information

Department: DOS

Division: OABCC

Office: OABCC


One day, unless requested for multiple days.


For a group-type gathering license, the license fee shall be $5.00 for each such license granted, unless the said license shall be for a period of more than 2 days in which case the license fee shall be $5.00 plus the additional sum of $2.00 for each such additional day or unless the said license shall be for any holiday specified in ยง 709(d) of this title, in which case the license fee shall be an additional $5.00 for each such holiday.

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Applicable Laws

Applicable Rules and Regulations


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